The Egyptian Company for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Trading (Fastcool) based in Giza since 1998, specializes in supermarkets, all types of refrigerators.

  • The Egyptian Company for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Trade
  • The Egyptian Company for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Trade  (Fast & Cool) is one of the leading companies in the field of maintenance & repair of refrigeration & freezing rooms, refrigerators, blood refrigerators, medicine, air conditioning & kitchen equipment. The company also designs refrigerators & With heavy duty and to be able to withstand changes in ambient temperatures.
  • Company supply (blood refrigerator – medical refrigerator – supermarket refrigerator (meat – cheese) – refrigerator display.

(Horizontal and vertical) - refrigerator dairy and dairy coolers

  • The Egyptian company has a track record of its achievements over the years, through which it supplied refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, exhibitions, malls, shops and pharmacies.
  • More than 21 years experience in the field of cooling and air conditioning within the Egyptian market and the Middle East.
  • The Egyptian company works with various food companies, meat factories, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, outpatient clinics, pharmacies, analytical laboratories, blood banks, major companies, hotels, tourist villages, restaurants, floating workshops and ammonia stations.
  • In 2010, we created our design department responsible for design and smart solutions to different concepts of the types of equipment for shops and pharmacies.
  • In 2011, we set up the decoration department responsible for coordinating the equipment and the surrounding areas in order to reach the best design enjoyed by the customer.
  • The company has a team of engineers and technicians with high efficiency in the field of cooling and air conditioning and includes a team of architects to design the latest design and the most modern designs in the malls and major shops, pharmacies, administrative offices and companies.
  • The company contracts with more than 43750 customers in the governorates of the Republic to maintain and repair equipment and equipment with comprehensive annual contracts and not including the supply of spare parts.
  • The company contracts with more than 1088 domestic customers to supply and maintain all household and electrical appliances.
  • The company supplies the original spare parts needed to repair the equipment and equipment.
  • The company is characterized by immediate response and fast response times.
  • We aim to get the trust of customers and credibility in dealing with them.

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